Ancient Healing System — Ayurveda

One of the great systems of thought and practice that India has produced is the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. Along with Yoga, Ayurveda represents an exhaustive internally consistent logic and understanding of the science of life. Ayurveda, or Ayur Vidya, means the knowledge of life.

India is a land of magnificent diversity, a place where archaic structures, concepts and traditions rub shoulders with up-to-the-minute formations, where variety and extremity stride hand in hand. No country any less richly textured could have given birth, thousands of years ago, to Ayurveda, and no other country could have prompted the sometimes bewildering multiplicity of principles and practices that have sprouted from Ayurveda’s roots. — Robert Svoboda

At Raga Svara, our goal is to manifest this understanding and ancient wisdom into lived experience of modern humans. Ayurvedic rejuvenation — bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual — forms a core element of Raga Approach, called the Therapeutic Well-being. Raga Approach also entails Existential Well-being and Aesthetic Well-being.

Raga Svara opens in Spring of 2020. We are an institution unlike any other. It is difficult to place us neatly in any category. To put it in familiar categories, Raga sits between a wellness retreat, an ashram, an ayurveda centre, a learning institution and a cultural centre. To know more, visit

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Ayurveda Harmony

Modern civilization has brought us to the epitome of material existence, but it’s easy to forget the suffering it brings along. While its easy to gloss over or actively reject the causal link between the two, it is not easy to ignore the toll our body, mind and spirit has taken. Our air is unclean, water is polluted, food is toxic, and the “noise” corrupts our minds.

Our relationship with our microcosm (our bodies and the internal world) is as broken as our relationship with the macrocosm (our environment and the external world)

Our goal at Raga Svara is to create and maintain a harmonious relationship between macrocosm and microcosm. We need bbc filming to learn this art of balance to stay away from the clutches of the modern lifestyle diseases and the general malaise.

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