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Weight Management Retreat

Duration: 14 or More Nights

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14 or More Nights

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  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Ayurveda Therapies
  • All Campus Programming
  • Personalized Treatment Plan
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wellness Cuisine
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Yoga and Meditation Sessions
  • Ayurveda Medicines
  • Pick up/drop off from Rajkot Airport
  • Ayurveda Therapy duration is generally 60 minutes. However, it may differ depending on the type of therapy and doctor's recommendation.
  • We request our guests to please note that all our retreat inclusions are scheduled at specific times. If a guest arrives late, needs to leave early, or is unable to receive therapies due to any reason, we are unable to reschedule these inclusions. However, we will make every effort to assist you to the best of our abilities.


Our Ayurveda and Yoga experts curate specific treatment plans for each guest. Ayurveda therapies may include Udwarthanam, Patra Pottali Sweda, Sarvang Abhyanga, among others.

Treatment protocol is suggested by our doctors after consultation on campus.

Retreat Highlights

Raga Svara's Weight Management Retreat will assist you in achieving and maintaining an optimal weight balance as well as in adopting a healthy lifestyle. As Ayurveda says, the approach to counter obesity is to nourish the body and mind, break the patterns that accumulate toxins, and detoxify the channels. The challenge in attempting to lose weight at home is maintaining motivation throughout the process. At Raga Svara, we assist people in beginning and continuing their journey effortlessly.

Our Weight Management Retreat will help you to achieve lightness of the body with increased sense of wellbeing, better strength, flexibility and stamina with marked improvement in energy levels. Also, it will equip you with weight management strategies, exercise plans, diet and lifestyle regimen which you can follow at home.