Raga Svara has been featured on Conde Nast Traveller,
one of the world's best travel magazines.

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Raga Svara has been featured on Conde Nast Traveller,
one of the world's best travel magazines.

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Raga Svara

Raga Svara is a luxury wellness Retreat in Kasturbadham (India) based on ancient Indian Ayurveda and Yoga traditions. We offer a space to pause, seek peace, and live in harmony with the natural world.


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Ayurveda means the science of life or the way of life. Originating from the Vedas, it is the oldest and most comprehensive system of healthcare. It is the precursor to most systems of medicine in the world. Pleasantly disposed with a contented mind, senses and spirit. Achieving this may seem difficult, but Ayurveda provides time tested, insightful tools to help us get there.

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Yoga at Raga Svara is not about bending or twisting the body and holding the breath. It is about understanding in totality the wonderful tradition of health and wisdom, practising, learning and having a transformative experience. Every group or individual session at the retreat seamlessly blends the spiritual and physical and has balanced inclusions of Asanas (Hatha Yoga postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Pratyahara, Mantra & Dhyana (Meditation).

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Physiotherapy at Raga Svara is an important facility which helps to restore, maximize and maintain your physical strength, function, mobility and overall well-being. Therapies like Short-wave diathermy, Traction, Ultrasound therapy, Inferential Therapy, nerve stimulation, massage, and exercise can help people at any stage of life, when movement and function are threatened by injury, diseases, conditions or other factors.

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Retreat Offerings

All retreats include Ayurveda Therapies, Luxury Accommodation, Doctor Consultation, Wellness Cuisine, Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness activities.

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Therapeutic Wellbeing

We are building a place where we can pause and fight disease. The core element of our approach is to provide therapeutic relief to the malaise of the body and mind. Ancient Indian wisdom and therapeutic practices of Ayurveda and Yoga are fully realised within our “home”. Co-existence of traditional approaches and modern systems is not only possible but essential to move towards a broader conception of health and wellness

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Philosophical Wellbeing

While we keep on gaining pace, playing catch up, and running ahead, we lose our existential foothold. In the constant flux that we are thrown into we can’t find our sense of being, our sense of wholeness. We seek slowness, we seek togetherness, we seek balance. We seek peace.

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Aesthetic Wellbeing

Humans cannot gain foothold through scientific understanding alone. We need “symbols”, that is works of art which represent "life-situations". It is one of the basic needs of human experience, to see life situations as meaningful. We discover and even create the worlds we live in through our interaction with symbols such as paintings, sculptures, music and dance.

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Ecological Wellbeing

To be in sync with oneself is to understand and experience nature around us. We must understand that our wellbeing is deeply affected by the wellbeing of our ecology. We must stop thinking of nature as resource and think of it as our habitat. At Raga Svara we are taking steps to ensure the wellbeing of our ecology: from clean energy (at our biogas facility) to organic farming (which provides fresh produce at our campus). We realise that the health of the ecology is the health of its inhabitants.

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Raga Svara
Rajkot-Bhavnagar Highway
Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

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